Removing the Middlemen
Changes Everything

NoBrokerFreight is more than just a load board. We are an advocate for independent carrier’s rights and a representative of independent carriers for better pay and real success. Leading and innovating, we are a marketing powerhouse to bring direct shipper freight to our independent carrier members. We offer the only freight matching system that eliminates middlemen involvement and improves the bottom line for independent carriers. We do this by managing independent carrier’s strength in numbers and giving them a freight matching system built to benefit them. We are also educating carriers, teaching them new processes and giving them new tools to guarantee their success. Now, you will not only have all the trucks as a collective group, but you will also get your fair share of better paying direct shipper freight.

What type of equipment are our direct shippers looking for?

  • Vans
  • Flat Beds
  • Heavy
  • Tankers
  • Boats
  • Autos
  • Dry Vans, Vented Vans, Reefers and More
    Photo courtesy of International Lonestar. Consider one of their trucks for your next purchase.
  • Flat Beds, Step Decks, Drop Decks and More
    Photo courtesy of International Lonestar. Consider one of their trucks for your next purchase.
  • Removeable Goose Neck, Low Boy, Heavy Haul, Over Size and Specialty Haul
    Photo courtesy of Earthworks and Remediation. an NBF Independent Carrier Community Member
  • Food, Fuel and Chemical Tankers
    Photo courtesy of Kenworth, a Paccar Co. Consider one of their trucks for your next purchase
  • Boat, Sail Boat and Yacht Haulers
    Photo courtesy of Cardinal Boat Movers, an NBF Independent Carrier Community Member
  • Autos, ATVs, Motorcycles and More
    Photo courtesy of; Pacific Auto Transport an NBF Independent Carrier Community Member

Sign our carrier petition!

Here at NoBrokerFreight we are working to improve your industry by fighting for better treatment and fair pay for all independent carriers, but we can’t do it alone. You have great power in numbers and with your support we can make huge changes that benefit you directly. Pledge your support and make a difference. We will keep you informed, organize your group’s voice and take on topics and injustices to improve your industry. We may call on you from time to time and get your opinions and input. We may even call on you to take action, meet in Washington, or even organize demonstrations to get your voices heard. Join your peers and support the Independent Carrier Movement. Please sign the electronic petition below.

Letter From the CEO

Independent Carriers,

I feel that you have been under appreciated and taken advantage of, in the trucking industry, but those days are in the past. With almost 6 years of planning, building and executing, all of us at NBF are proud to bring you something very special. Now, with a load board built just for you, a management system and a collective marketing fund, you have the advantage and can grow your business instead of struggling to make ends meet. We aimed for the impossible and what we ended up with is incredible. I've made it my life’s work to ensure you can achieve the success you deserve. I have personally talked to over 1,600 of you in the last 6 years and I heard you loud and clear. It took a little longer than expected, but the final result has far exceeded my vision for you. The best part is, when independents and NBF join together, nobody can stop us from giving you the advantage and best opportunities in the North American Trucking Industry. Get to know what we're doing for you. You have great power in numbers, and we know how to use this to your advantage and take you to a level you've never imagined. You do all the work and should get all the pay. I look forward to making your lives less stressful and more successful. Enjoy what we have built for you. It is my gift to you all.

Drive Safe,
CEO, NoBrokerFreight

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