All Your Questions Answered.

General Questions

Our morals, ethical business practices, and fair treatment for carriers are what we believe separates us from others. We are true advocates for all independent carriers and we have no other motives and cannot be bribed or paid off. This is a fact because we are not in the middle of the shipment transaction. Our role is more of an educational one as we act as a matchmaker for shippers and carriers. We also are the carrier’s marketing powerhouse and managing entity. We will be spending between $500 thousand and $1 million on marketing the NoBrokerFreight load board and keeping all the independent carrier’s trucks full of good paying direct shipper freight. We have also made many changes to benefit the carrier while saving them time and increasing their income.

There is a penalty if brokers are caught on the site. Also, shipper and carrier members are prompted to alert us at any sign of broker practices being detected. We have a team of NBF investigators that constantly police the site for violators and we shut them down immediately. Also, NBF version 2.0 has many securiy measures built-in.

Questions About Shippers

Carriers are free to setup their own terms with Shippers. NoBrokerFreight has several ways for you to quickly feel confident in the shipper you are considering moving freight for.

  1. NBF SafePay allows you to get paid at pickup and there are many options to collect a portion at pickup (50/50) or get paid in full at delivery (COD). With these options, the shipper’s credit is not a road block anymore. Without middlemen, getting paid is no longer a worry for independent carriers.

  2. You can use a factoring company.

  3. You can instantly go to the shipper’s profile and read feedback from other carriers that have moved freight for the shipper. This will give you a pay history for your potential shipper.
NoBrokerFreight is changing the game by educating independent carriers on new revolutionary trucking practices. One thing we are doing is introducing all shippers and carriers to NBF SafePay. NBF SafePay is the greatest single way for carriers to get paid and the shipper does not need credit at all. We predict about 40% of loads booked on the NBF Load Board will pay through NBF SafePay. This reduces the need for credit checks, invoice factoring, and fuel advances, all of which ultimately cost the carrier’s money.

Freight Questions and Booking Loads

65% of North American small businesses and corporations want to reach independent carriers directly. When independent carriers pay their monthly Member Marketing Fee, we put about 85% of this toward marketing and getting the word out to shippers. We use avenues such as TV, Radio, Internet, Social Media, and much more. We are growing and partnering with new groups every day. The more independent carriers there are, the more freight you will get. This is your power in numbers realized!
NoBrokerFreight seeks out every type of freight shipper in every area of North America. The NBF Load Board is built to hold approximately 7 million shippers and 500,000 carriers. With the support of independent carriers, soon we will have more direct shipper freight than any other load source. We also have some secret marketing tricks up our sleeves that bring shippers on your NBF load board.
One phone call or email directly to the shipper is all it takes. Loads can be booked by the shipper or the carrier after terms have been agreed upon by both parties. With just a couple clicks of the mouse you can book the load.
One great feature of the NBF Load Board is that when a load books, the BOL and Rate Agreement is automatically generated for you. Also your entire carrier package is delivered to the shipper automatically through the system.
No! By design, we don’t want to have anything to do with your transaction, but we do provide features to help you and make the trucking industry easier than ever. We encourage carriers to move freight for direct shippers. When shippers get their freight moved right away, they will keep coming back to us and all the independent carriers get the benefit of more good paying direct shipper freight.

Money Questions

Absolutely not!!!!!!! NoBrokerFreight is removing the middlemen and is not one itself. NBF’s unique business model affords the company the ability to be successful and help Carriers with only a very small portion of the monthly Member/Marketing fee.
No. Your only cost is the very small monthly Member Marketing Fee.
You get paid directly from the shipper. NBF has some very nice features that make setting up with shippers easier than ever. No more faxing authority and insurance paperwork back and forth. These documents are held in your profile and shippers can download them without you doing anything, and are automatically delivered to the shipper when loads are booked.
If you don’t want to hold the invoice you can use a factoring company. NoBrokerFreight is removing middlemen from your transaction, but factoring companies are a necessity because 50% of Companies want or need to pay by net terms. NBF is teaching carriers that factoring loads is like having an insurance policy on every load, making sure you get paid in this turbulent economic climate.
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