The Facts

The Trucking Industry

The US Trucking Industry is a $255 billion per year Industry. Approximately $140 billion of that pertains to freight that is carried by owner operators and small truck companies and most of it is passed through one to three brokers or middlemen. At a very conservative 20%, that is (or $28 billion) in broker fees every year. With our load board, carriers can claim a piece of that $28 billion per year. How would that impact YOUR bottom line? Could carriers hire more employees, increase health benefits, buy better equipment or reinvest, and build a stronger America? All of us at NoBrokerFreight are banking on it!

Load Boards Used Today Benefit the Middleman

All load boards used today are engineered to benefit the brokers and disregard the needs of the carriers. Most of the so called “good” load boards charge large fees to drivers and work against them by creating an environment that is geared toward making the middlemen successful. NOT OURS! At NoBrokerFreight we have created a system like no other before it. The load boards of today waste time and money for the carriers, by supporting the brokers, which inevitably costs all of us! We have made the biggest change in the trucking industry that has happened in years, and unlike all other changes in recent days, this one benefits you greatly.

Outrageous! Can You Trust The Middleman?

We have interviewed hundreds of drivers while building our load board and freight management system. We don’t have to tell you about the outrageous stories of brokers taking 30%, 40%, 50% and even over 100% in fees. You have had middlemen in your pockets for decades. Make no mistake friends, freight brokers are middlemen that are trained to make maximum profits for themselves and their companies. At one time (pre-technology) freight brokers served a purpose, but today they are a financial burden to independent carriers. Society and human nature makes most people greedy by default. To trust a person with their own agenda to be in the middle of your transaction is impossible, especially when there is undisclosed monetary gain to that middleman. This is why the NoBrokerFreight Load Board is built for carriers and shippers and always will be. Remove temptation and trusting is easy!

The Reign Of Freight Brokers and Middlemen Has Come To An End!

NoBrokerFreight's business model and today’s technology have made freight brokers and middlemen things of the past. By reinventing and modernizing the shipper and carrier market place, we have created an easy to use system that has no need for middlemen and their fees. The end result is increased income for the truck drivers. Hands down, there is no better middleman free marketplace to get direct shipper freight. Remove the brokers and there is a lot left on the table; you just have to grab it and we’ll help you do just that!

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