Completely FREE Freight Matching System Sponsored by All Independent Carriers of North America

The NoBrokerFreight Load Board is a superior freight matching system for full and partial truck loads. It is currently completely free to all commercial shippers. professional independent trucking companies and Owner Operators all over North America have banned together to give you a more economical choice in moving your freight. NoBrokerFreight gives you completely free access to all the trucks and equipment you will need to move all your freight. For the first time ever, you will be able to hire the same drivers that the Freight Brokers and Middlemen do, but without the middleman fees. You can move 1 shipment per year or 100 per day. Ship anything anywhere in North America. Safe, Fast and It is totally FREE!

What kind of trucks can you find on the No Broker Freight Load Board?

  • Vans
  • Flat Beds
  • Heavy
  • Tankers
  • Boats
  • Autos
  • Dry Vans, Vented Vans, Reefers and More
    Photo courtesy of International Lonestar. Consider one of their trucks for your next purchase.
  • Flat Beds, Step Decks, Drop Decks and More
    Photo courtesy of International Lonestar. Consider one of their trucks for your next purchase.
  • Removeable Goose Neck, Low Boy, Heavy Haul, Over Size and Specialty Haul
    Photo courtesy of Earthworks and Remediation. an NBF Independent Carrier Community Member
  • Food, Fuel and Chemical Tankers
    Photo courtesy of Kenworth, a Paccar Co. Consider one of their trucks for your next purchase
  • Boat, Sail Boat and Yacht Haulers
    Photo courtesy of Cardinal Boat Movers, an NBF Independent Carrier Community Member
  • Autos, ATVs, Motorcycles and More
    Photo courtesy of; Pacific Auto Transport an NBF Independent Carrier Community Member

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Letter From the CEO

Shippers of North America,

In a political climate that seems to only reward the rich and powerful, it is clear to me that those in charge have neglected the working class, the small businesses, and the entrepreneurs that make an economy successful. They lost touch with reality and no longer realize that it is the small businesses that drive technology and innovation, employ the masses, and create a nation’s wealth. It also seems they forgot that jobs are what make a nation’s people proud and government strong. I did not forget this nor will I ever. I have found myself in a position to lend a hand and help small businesses. I've made it my life’s work to build a superior freight matching system to save you time and money. At NoBrokerFreight, we aimed for the impossible and what we ended up with is incredible. With help from hundreds of thousands of North American Independent Trucker friends of mine, we are proud to bring you the first middleman free freight matching system and it is TOTALLY FREE TO ALL SHIPPERS. Get to know what we are doing for you, join us, book your freight directly with Independent Carriers and realize the possibilities. You’ll be helping Independent Carriers and their families and you’ll save some money while you are doing it. These are the same hard working drivers that your Brokers hire, but you will save the middleman fees and these fees are a lot higher than you think. Enjoy what we have built for you. Use your advantages, never forget the human element, pay it forward and do something great!


CEO, NoBrokerFreight