About No Broker Freight


NoBrokerFreight was established by an ex-freight broker that knows all the secrets and strategies Brokers employ to squeeze profits from Shippers and Carriers. After working for a popular Freight Broker for a short time, he realized that the entire Trucking Industry seemed to be geared toward making Brokers lots of money and completely disregarding the Shippers and the Truck Drivers (taking advantage of them in fact). He thought to himself: “There has to be a better way”. He realized his calling in life. With the belief that the American dream is still alive, he began a journey to give small and medium size North American companies a fighting chance in the Trucking Industry. He literally hocked everything he owned (and then some) and worked harder than a human should have to. Armed with a noble cause, good business sense, honesty, integrity, and basic respect for people, a belief that hard work should be rewarded, the wonderful technology of the 21st century, and some very talented software engineers, we give you THE BETTER WAY!

Mission Statement

Our NoBrokerFreight system will dramatically reduce the cost of moving freight for Big Business, Small Business and Private Individuals in North America. We will increase the financial status of independent truck drivers and their families, all while saving everyone time and resources on both sides of shipments. We will realize our goals by removing freight middlemen and NOT being one of them ourselves. NoBrokerFreight will give shippers the tools to easily organize and manage their freight. We have and will continue to develop and teach new techniques and processes for a modern trucking industry that is renewed, ripe with opportunity and supports real success. We will do all of this with the highest standard of morals and a true caring for people and ethical business practices.

Our Goals

At NoBrokerFreight we are building our unprecedented freight matching service to accommodate many millions of shippers posting up to a million loads per day and 500,000 independent owner operators and small trucking companies of 50 trucks or less. Our goal is to be the largest freight system in North America. By achieving our goals we will dramatically reduce the cost of moving freight, keep trucks full and make it all happen FAST. We will increase the profits of millions of North American companies and strengthen businesses while reducing diesel consumption and carbon emissions from truck exhaust. Very soon, NoBrokerFreight will be the gold standard for shippers and truckers alike.