All Your Questions Answered.

General Questions

Removing middlemen results in a financial gain for both the shipper and carrier. It is our morals in ethical business practices and fair treatment for carriers, combined with an interest in improving the shipper’s bottom line, are what we believe separates us from others. We have no other motives and cannot be bribed or paid off. This is a fact because we are not in the middle of the shipment transaction. Our role is more of an educator and leader of innovation. By providing a revolutionary freight management and matching system, we have given shippers and carriers a reprieve from the financial burden that is the middlemen. We have also made many changes to benefit both shippers and carriers while saving them time and money. When freight books fast and at a fair price, everyone wins.

Questions About Carriers

NoBrokerFreight has several ways for you to quickly feel confident in the carrier you are considering to move your freight.

  1. One click and you can instantly research the Carrier with the federal system. You will also see and download the Carriers Authority, Insurance, and W-9. No more need to fax these items.

  2. One click and you can instantly go to the carrier’s profile and see feedback and ratings from other shippers.
NoBrokerFreight is changing the game by educating independent carriers and shippers on new revolutionary trucking practices. When you remove the middlemen, there are more ways to pay than ever and many don’t require credit. One thing we are doing is introducing all carriers and shippers to NBF SafePay. This will allow shippers to safely pay for freight before it delivers, then release the funds to the driver after it has been delivered as agreed. This eliminates the need for credit checks, invoice factoring, and fuel advances, all of which ultimately cost the carriers and shippers more money. Without these added costs, shippers can get the best price when moving their freight using the NoBrokerFreight load board.

Freight Questions and Booking Loads

70% of Shippers we contact love the NBF business model and what it represents. Shippers can have total control of their freight. They will also realize discounts that wouldn't otherwise be attained using brokers. Best of all, it's free and easy!
NoBrokerFreight seeks out every type of freight carrier in every area of North America. If you need it moved, there is someone who can move it. The NoBrokerFreight load board is built to hold millions of shippers and all the North American independent carriers. With the support of independent carriers and direct shippers, you are able to move more freight at better prices than any other freight matching service anywhere.
With the NBF Truck Finder or one phone call directly from the carrier is all it takes. Loads can be booked by the shipper or the carrier after terms have been agreed upon by both parties. With just a couple clicks of the mouse you can book the load and auto-generate the load documents in seconds.
One great feature of the NBF load board is when loadd are booked, the Bill of Lading and Rate Agreement are automatically generated for you. 1099s are also auto-generated to save you time.
No! By design, we don’t want to have anything to do with your transaction, but we do provide features to make the trucking industry easier than ever for you. We encourage carriers to move freight for direct shippers. When shippers get their freight moved right away, they will keep coming back to us and all the independent carriers get the benefits of direct shipper business while the shipper saves money at the same time.

Money Questions

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The NoBrokerFreight system is completely FREE to all shippers, but take advantage of the free lifetime account NOW because it may not be free to future shippers.
No. NoBrokerFreight has nothing to do with your payment transaction. We remove the middlemen and we do not want to be a middleman either. This practice removes the ability for greed or corruption to take advantage of the shippers. With NBF, you are in total control of your transaction and your bottom line.
For full and partial truck load shipments, shippers pay carriers directly. NBF has some very nice features that make setting up with carriers easier than ever. When you remove the middleman, negotiations become simple and there are more ways to pay your freight bills than ever before. Simply choose the one that's best for you!
Yes. Shippers can set up any terms that they might have had with brokers and even more options are now possible with NoBrokerFreight.